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Analysis of Potential Re-Use of Eight Historic Structures on Former Youth Correctional Facility Site
Client: Page & Turnbull on behalf of State of California Department of General Services, Real Estate Services Division, Asset Enhancement Branch
dashed line separator Gruen Gruen + Associates (GG+A) was retained by Page & Turnbull on behalf of the State of California Department of General Services, Real Estate Servics Division, Asset Enhancement Branch to conduct a market and financial feasibility assessment of the potential re-use of eight historic structures located on the grounds of the former Fred C. Nelles Youth Correctional Facility in Whittier, California. In order to evaluate the potential market responsiveness and financial feasibility of private re-use alternatives including residential, office, and grocery store options, GG+A conducted research and analysis to identify 1) the primary advantages and disadvantages of the location and buildings from the perspective of potential buyers/users; 2) the market conditions and prevailing rents or sales prices within the relevant market for comparable types of uses; and 3) given estimates of obtainable rents or sales prices, construction and related costs to prepare the structures for re-use alternatives, and other financial variables, whether it would be profitable for a developer or user to undertake to re-use each structure.

For public or non-profit uses such as auditorium, community center, church, and library re-use alternatives, research and analysis focused on whether users are likely to be obtainable and whether such users could afford to retrofit the buildings and thereafter pay all operating and maintenance costs. GG+A prepared a memorandum report summarizing the research and analysis and conclusions regarding demand and financial feasibility for the postulated uses.

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