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The Economic and Fiscal Impact of DuPage Airport and Associated Activities on DuPage County
Client: The DuPage Airport Authority
dashed line separator The DuPage Airport Authority retained Gruen Gruen + Associates (GG+A) and its subcontractor Regional Economics Applications Laboratory (REAL) to prepare an analysis of the economic and fiscal impacts of the DuPage Airport, including the Flight Center, the Prairie Landing Golf Course, and the DuPage Business Center.

GG+A conducted interviews with on-site and off-site businesses and reviewed secondary data including Airport and Prairie Landing budgets and visitor information to estimate payroll expenditures, non-payroll operating expenditures, capital expenditures, and visitor-related expenditures.

The economic impact of the DuPage Airport and other entities at the Airport due to their purchases of goods such as supplies or equipment and services and construction activities, and labor was estimated with IMPLAN, an input-output model. The analysis was completed for all Airport-related activities as a whole as well as separately for the DuPage Airport, including Flight Center and on-site tenants, the Prairie Landing Golf Course and the DuPage Business Center. Economic impacts were estimated for 2012 and covered operations, capital improvements, and visitor expenditures.

Fiscal impacts generated by the Airport and associated activities were estimated for DuPage County. To identify sources of revenue, GG+A conducted interviews with the Airport and analyzed municipal and county budgets. Sources of revenue included property and leasehold property tax revenue, sales tax revenue, fuel sales tax revenue, food and beverage sales tax revenue, pro shop sales tax revenue, automobile rental sales tax revenue, sales tax revenue attributable to on-site businesses and visitor and employee expenditures. Hotel tax revenue, utility tax revenue, and telecommunication tax revenue were also estimated. Fiscal impacts were also estimated by activity as well as for the Airport as a whole for 2012.

GG+A prepared a comprehensive report and gave a presentation to the DuPage Airport Authority Board of Commissioners. Read here.

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