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Demographic, Housing and Economic Analysis, Real Estate Market Research and Economic Analysis, and Formulation of Strategic Action Economic Development Plan
Client: The Village of Antioch, Illinois
dashed line separator The Village of Antioch therefore retained Gruen Gruen + Associates (GG+A) to conduct market and economic research and analysis in order to complete an independent assessment of conditions in and trends affecting Antioch. GG+Aís research and analysis was directed toward developing an information base and strategic framework for the implementation of an ongoing economic development program and developing forecasts of employment and building space demand to inform land use, infrastructure, and economic development planning. The research and analysis identified opportunities and constraints for attracting and retaining desirable businesses and identified the comparative advantages that these target industries derive from an Antioch location; and those policies and actions that enhance public and private sector economic conditions and capabilities.

The strategic plan elements include: (a) a summary of identified opportunities and constraints; (b) primary target industries; (c) the rationale for their selection; and (d) an identification of the primary geographic areas from which businesses can be expected to be attracted. The plan identifies the locally-implementable policies and actions that will help indigenous and complementary new businesses create and sustain their competitive advantages so they succeed, remain and expand in Antioch and reinforce and enhance the economic base of the community.

GG+A prepared a report that presents demographic characteristics, housing stock characteristics, and residential land availability and growth capacity; an analysis of retail and automotive sales trends in Antioch; a description of the retail supply of the primary market area of which Antioch is a part and estimates of current and potential future retail demand within the primary market area for retail goods and service; and the relationship between retail supply and retail demand. The report also describes the advantages and disadvantages related to the Downtown and provides an assessment of the opportunities and constraints of the Downtown. In addition the report presents an analysis of the economic structure of Antioch and a forecast of the future employment base of Antioch. The report describes the primary geographic areas from which office and industrial building space users will tend to be attracted and identifies the primary competing locations which many office and industrial space users will consider in selecting locations to which they will move. It also identifies the primary advantages and disadvantages associated with Antioch as a business location and provides a review of the building space inventory and the land capacity to accommodate future building space development.

GG+A principals presented the results of the research and analysis and recommended strategic action plan to the Village Board and also met with the Village Manager and Community Development Director throughout the study to review findings and implications for policy actions and municipal investments. GG+A principals also provided advice to Village staff and the developer of a new business park about a potential expansion of an existing local business whose expansion needs GG+A interviewed as the result of an interview with the firmís CEO.

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