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Caltrans' District 11 Offices Asset Management Study
Client: The California Department of Transportation
dashed line separator Caltrans' District 11 existing offices in San Diego, more than 30 years old, were undersized, poorly designed for current needs and unable to accommodate additional, anticipated growth in the District's workforce. Gruen Gruen + Associates was retained to recommend the most cost-effective way of providing office space for the District. The analysis included four phases: Programming, Development Strategies, Asset Management Analysis, and an Implementation Plan.

The Programming phase identified the existing and future facility office space requirements for District 11 through 5-, 10- and 20-year projections for staffing and space requirements. The Development Strategies phase defined alternative strategies for meeting the District's office requirements based on the criteria determined during the Programming phase.

A preliminary market study was conducted to identify potential uses and development values for Caltrans existing site. In the Asset Management phase, four strategies were analyzed to determine their relative cost effectiveness, based on construction, site acquisition and financing costs, as well as leasing and operating costs. In addition, the analysis estimated the potential value of all or portions of the existing site, if developed for other uses, to determine the net cost to the District of providing for its office space needs.

Finally, the Implementation Plan outlined necessary steps to carry out the recommended strategy.

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