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Damage Estimate for Real Estate Litigation
Client: Lasky, Haas, Cohler & Munter
dashed line separator Gruen Gruen + Associates analyzed lot sales, lot re-sales and home sales that took place between 1981 and 1985 in the 1,800-acre Castle Pines project in Douglas County, Colorado. The project was developed for high-priced lots, homes and condominiums built in a wooded area surrounding a Jack Nicholas golf course. Shortly after its inception in 1981, a dispute between the partners led to a series of actions including the firing of Victor Beat Associates, Inc., a Colorado corporation that was under contract with Castle Pines to act as the real estate sales agent for the project. Victor Beat bought action in District Court in the County of Douglas, Case No. 83-CV-69, for damages contending that their exclusive sales contract with Castle Pines had been improperly terminated.

Gruen Gruen + Associates estimated the net commissions that would have come to Victor Beat in line with projections made prior to the termination of the contract and compared those with data obtained by GG+A on actual sales. Conclusions were reached by GG+A concerning the reasons for the differences between the actual and projected sales of the project. Dr. Claude Gruen testified in court on the findings of the GG+A analysis.

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