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Holiday Forecast for 2000
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As Gruen Gruen + Associates is celebrating the 30th anniversary of its annual forecast, its crystal ball for the year 2000 shows no major Y2K computer crisis, apocalypse or recession.

GG+A predicts that the constellation of economic, financial and technological forces, which have put the U.S. economy on its longest roll, will stay aligned at least one more year.

But many of the forces in that galaxy will also put competitive pressures on land uses:

  • Further restructuring will force industrial and service-providing tenants to move to the most cost effective spaces and locations.
  • The paramount importance of the Internet as the communication medium for trade, management, and financial decisions will mandate that profitable real estate must combine bricks with clicks.
  • Volatility in financial markets will keep the specter of liquidity squeezes alive.
  • Cookie Cutter Entertainment Centers won't have legs. What will last are agglomerations that reflect the unique character of their host city.
  • As wireless competes with roadways, proximity to specific work places will become less important. Affluent homeowners will buy and rent residential experiences more than just commodious shelter.

With a thank you to our friends and clients for their support since 1970, the staff of both our West Coast and Midwest offices wish you and your family a happy, prosperous, and healthy 2000 and the best century ever.

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