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Holiday Forecast for 2001
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Gruen Gruen + Associates Predicts that in 2001, you'll see:
  • A bumpy ride for stocks, but a soft landing for the U.S. economy and its swollen dollar.
  • Uncle Sam growing by about three-and-a-half percent.
  • That teaching an old, commercial-space dog a new mixed-use or high-density trick will make it "Best in Show."
  • The retail "experience" for shoppers who might browse with clicks but still shop at bricks and sticks.
  • Yourself finding time scarcer than money.
  • Rapid innovation continuing as the lifeblood of the new economy.
  • Regions short on housing, transportation, and communication losing out in the competition for desirable and sustainable business growth.
  • More workplaces offering espresso bars and designer waters to capture the hearts and minds of the hard-to-get knowledge workers.
  • More of the world's citizens reading the phrase "Made in the USA."
  • Fewer generic buildings and more branded locations, because to hook an audience, you'll need a good story.

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