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Holiday Forecast for 2013
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Defining Success in the Transformational Era

The U.S. economy will grow at a low single digit rate in 2013, as successful private and public sector entities enter the transformational era. By the end of 2013, the disruptive innovations that change what products and services we offer and buy will set the stage for success or failure. Those business entities that identify consumer preferences and worker motivations (which are changing in response to technological innovations), so as to implement the developmental and organizational changes that enhance satisfaction and productivity, will grow at a robust rate. Those that don't, can expect to slowly decline and subsequently die..

Transformational success will include:

  • Cloud-based personal instruction programs that tailor technical, cultural and even social learning on an individual bases to supplement, and in some instances replace, traditional classroom learning.
  • Experientially-loaded shopping centers that make shopping unique and exciting, eating and drinking pleasurable, and services convenient.
  • Mixed-use urban and suburban, transit-accessible agglomerations that consist of residential, work, shopping and entertainment developments and service components. Successful ones will be targeted to the specific service and product preferences of complementary space users, based on information obtained directly from consumers.
  • Cloud and server technologies that are changing the demand for office space, and will permit many smaller businesses to operate in minimal space with few or even no full time employees. Demand will increase for smaller incubator space in cities and some larger suburban agglomerations.
Economic and organizational success in the Transformational Era will depend upon the implementation of changes in developments and land use policies that maximize consumer and workplace satisfaction and productivity, while minimizing costs.

Gruen Gruen + Associates wishes you and your family a healthy, happy, peaceful and prosperous New Year.

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