Client: Northern Colorado Regional Airport

As part of the preparation of a Master Plan for the Northern Colorado Regional Airport, Gruen Gruen + Associates (“GG+A”) was commissioned to evaluate market, economic, and land use conditions that will shape future development pressures and opportunities within the Airport Influence Area (“AIA”). The results of the research and analysis GG+ A completed provided a strategic framework and an information base for off-airport land use and economic development recommendations to be adopted within an AIA component to the Master Plan. GG+A provided recommendations for making the best use of approximately 2,900 acres of undeveloped land (outside of Airport ownership).

The conclusion and forecasts of the demand for various land uses and building space and strategic action recommendations are based on the results of the following research and analytical tasks GG+A completed:

▪ review of a variety of prior studies and plans; analysis of parcel and improvement records from the Larimer County Assessor used to develop an inventory of existing land use and building space within the AIA and to assess historical land use and development patterns;

▪ research about the characteristics of successful research and technology parks and innovation districts, office developments, and industrial developments and comparison of the location of the AIA to the identified characteristics; analysis of demographic, labor force, employment, and other economic data;

▪ evaluation of current and past performance of relevant real estate space markets (including office, industrial/flex, hotel, and residential uses) that bear on land use opportunities in the AIA;

▪ Review of household and housing characteristics of the market area and AIA, including the potential for future population and housing growth;

▪ review of the existing hotel inventory and analyzed gross lodging room revenue trends to assess the relative strengths and productivity of lodging activities in the AIA and broader market area; and

▪ development of long-term (20 year) projections to quantify demands for office, industrial/flex, hotel, and residential land uses within the AIA.

GG+A also completed interviews with more than 20 public and private stakeholders and participated in advisory committee meetings and other public meetings throughout the study.