Client: Dooley, Anderson, Berg, Pardini, Johnson & Ziegler

Gruen Gruen + Associates (GG+A) conducted research on behalf of the legal firm representing the plaintiff in Hozz v. the City and County of San Francisco, a lawsuit filed in the San Francisco Superior Court, Department 2, tried before Judge Ollie Marie-Victoire in November of 1984. The basic thrust of the research included an analysis to identify and define the following:

– The relevant product and geographic market.

– The impact of the ordinance as it was being administered on competition and trade in that market.

– The interstate character of that market.

– The impact that rent control had on the ability of landlords and developers of new rental property to obtain a fair return and the impact that the ordinance had on the value and returns from plaintiff’s property.

Dr. Claude Gruen presented the results of the findings of GG+A’s research in three depositions and three days of courtroom testimony.