Client:  Village of Romeoville (IL)

The Village of Romeoville asked GG+A to provide the Village with advice and recommendations concerning the evaluation of development and business incentives and the creation of an incentives policy.  Accordingly, GG+A prepared a detailed report describing:

• General recommendations for evaluating requests for incentives;
• The approach needed to be taken to successfully evaluate the need for and provision of incentives (evaluation techniques);
• Elements that should be included as a part of the Village’s incentives policy and information the Village should obtain from requestors; and
• Benchmarks and criteria the Village should monitor in order to reach decisions about requests for incentives.

Using a case study approach, GG+A outlined the goals and objectives of the policy that should be established, the evaluation process that should be applied, and techniques by which to measure performance and monitor compliance. A GG+A principal met with Village staff to review the recommendations and provided further input regarding formulation of the policy. GG+A has also been subsequently involved with the evaluation of requests for incentives on behalf of the Village with respect to proposed developments in Romeoville’s Downtown as well as a big-box retail development in a commercial corridor.