Client: City of Golden (CO)

The City of Golden selected GG+A to develop research and analysis on both existing and future housing needs within city limits, to identify the deficiencies and challenges in meeting housing needs, and to evaluate policy and strategy alternatives to improve the supply of affordable housing and to address other housing needs related to the growth of the local workforce, university students, and older-age households.

GG+A toured residential developments and neighborhoods within Golden and conducted extensive outreach/interviews with representatives of non-profit housing organizations; academic institutions; residential developers, builders, property owners, and property managers; municipal staff; and city council and planning commission members. A community housing survey was also designed and administered to obtain qualitative and quantitative information about housing preferences/needs, plans to move or change housing units, factors most important to housing choices, and public attitudes about housing policy options (e.g., dedicated local funding/taxes).

A major emphasis of the assessment related to the economics of producing new housing in Golden, how and where needs could be accommodated, and policy options to improve the feasibility of developing affordable and market-rate housing. The analysis identified the likely effects of inclusionary zoning options and changes in land use and zoning regulations (parking, building heights, etc.) that could improve the feasibility of developing affordable units.

GG+A prepared an extensive final report which synthesized the research and analysis to reach judgments about existing and future housing needs and policies that would contribute to an increase in the supply of affordable housing and affordable housing developments. Multiple presentations were given to city council and plan commission throughout the process, with city council formally accepting the report and strategy in October 2022. A copy of the final technical report is available here.