Client: City of Chandler (AZ)

The City of Chandler retained Gruen Gruen + Associates (GG+A) to evaluate the need for affordable housing in Chandler. GG+A conducted an analysis of the existing City of Chandler housing inventory by price in comparison to the existing income characteristics of Chandler’s household base and therefore the ability of Chandler households to pay for housing. Estimates of the number of households which can afford housing at various prices and the number of housing units at these price points were compared to identify the shortfalls between units needed at various prices and units available at those price points. GG+A also conducted research that provided further context and data related to housing affordability conditions in Chandler such as of the number of “cost-burdened” or income-constrained households spending 30 percent or more of their incomes on housing and current housing market pricing (e.g., effective rents for new multi-family apartments) in relation to income.

GG+A prepared a projection of the number of workforce housing units needed over 10 years by type and size of unit and ability of the added workforce to afford housing in Chandler. GG+A compared the projected need to the developable capacity for new housing production to respond to workforce housing needs projected to arise from continued employment (job) growth in Chandler.

Given the results of the analysis of the need for affordable housing, GG+A identified specific tailored strategies for encouraging the production of affordable housing and strategies for increasing the supply of affordable housing projects.

GG+A prepared an extensive report and met with City representatives to review the findings, conclusions, and recommendations contained in the report.