Client:  City of Waukesha (WI)

GG+A was retained to conduct an analysis of the market for retail, office, and residential uses in central city Waukesha. In addition to evaluating potential market demands for varying types of space, GG+A also identified strategic actions that will facilitate the enhancement of central city Waukesha.

GG+A conducted an extensive analysis of Waukesha’s retail base and downtown. The research included site inspection, GIS analysis to document time-series land use changes by block in the downtown, and extensive interviews with real estate developers, brokers, leasing agents, property owners, and merchants, as well as Waukesha Civic Theatre, City staff and Chamber of Commerce representatives, and an assessment of supply competition. GG+A synthesized the research and analysis to identify recommendations for subsequent planning, marketing and implementation of enhancement strategies and actions identified for the core downtown and other areas in the central city.

GG+A also performed an office market reconnaissance. This reconnaissance included: (a) an identification of the relevant geographic areas within which Waukesha office space competes for office space users; (b) the locations from which office space users can be expected to be attracted; (c) an assessment of the competitive position of Waukesha office space; (d) an assessment of employment growth and office space demand; and (e) an analysis of supply conditions. GG+A synthesized the analysis to identify marketing and economic development policy recommendations.

Based on interviews and review of the make-up of supply, GG+A identified the relevant primary geographic market within which new housing developments compete for households, the types of households likely to be attracted to housing uses built in the Downtown, the primary geographic area from which households are likely to be attracted to Downtown housing, the relative advantages and disadvantages and image of the Downtown as a housing location, and characteristics of new or proposed Downtown housing developments. GG+A estimated the demand for housing and the share of demand obtainable in the Downtown.

GG+A recommended priority actions and policies related to physical enhancements, parking improvements, way-faring and signage, events program, and tenanting and marketing strategy.

GG+A principals gave multiple presentations to various public entities and groups. GG+A prepared a report that served as the information base and strategic framework for the preparation of the Central City Master Plan for Waukesha.