Client: City of West Allis (WI)

Part of a team retained by the City of West Allis to prepare a transportation and land use plan for the National Avenue corridor, GG+A was engaged to evaluate the competitive market position of the corridor and future redevelopment and infill development opportunities and to identify longer-term demands for residential non-residential space.  GG+A evaluated the market for retail, multi-family residential, and office uses on National Avenue. The National Avenue corridor study area extends 1.9 miles in length. In addition to evaluating potential market demands, GG+A also identified strategic actions and policy recommendations that will facilitate the revitalization and enhancement of National Avenue.

GG+A inspected National Avenue and conducted interviews with property owners, developers, real estate brokers, restaurant operators, as well as staff and public officials with the City of West Allis, and the Downtown business improvement district Executive Director. GG+A designed a brief questionnaire that can be used to obtain information about the origins, transportation modes, and frequency of visitation to National Avenue stores. GG+A analyzed demographic and income characteristics of primary market area households, and prepared purchasing power estimates for retail goods and services. These purchasing power estimates were converted into estimates of supportable amount of on-the-ground retail space and the relationship between estimated retail space demand and supply was identified.

GG+A analyzed demographic and income characteristics of the types of households with potential demand for multi-family housing, and household turnover data and drew on the analysis to estimate the potential scale of demand for National Avenue housing from the main current sources of demand within the primary market area. In addition, GG+A estimated the potential scale of an untested source of demand if a new development could be packaged with an enhanced Farmer’s Market and concentration of specialty food and eating and dining uses to establish the Six Points neighborhood as a preferred location for renters from households working in Brookfield, Wauwatosa, Downtown Milwaukee, or elsewhere along the Interstate-94 corridor seeking new quality product in an urban, walkable environment at lower prices than available in Downtown Milwaukee, Wauwatosa, and Brookfield.

GG+A prepared a final report summarizing the research, findings, and conclusions drawn from the analysis and reached conclusions about the potential opportunities and constraints affecting demand for retail, residential, and office space and to identify strategic action recommendations for subsequent planning, marketing, and enhancement implementation.


A copy of the final report is available here.