Client:  City of Scottsdale

The City of Scottsdale commissioned GG+A to conduct research and analysis, including stakeholder interviews, to provide an updated information base and strategic recommendations for a portion of the Greater Airpark Area, the Bell Road Corridor (sometimes referred to below as “study area”). GG+A completed an analysis of employment, labor force, and commutation patterns and compared the study area’s employment base by industry sector to that of the City of Scottsdale. GG+A also identified the study area’s land inventory by land use and the amount of office, industrial, and retail space and the hotel and multi-family inventory. GG+A described the office and industrial market trends and summarized the amount of existing and planned future supply of office space and industrial in the study area. GG+A identified the primary geographic areas from which office building and industrial space users will tend to be attracted and the primary competing locations which many office space and industrial space users consider in selecting locations to which they will move. GG+A identified the primary advantages and disadvantages associated with the study area as a business location and reviewed the building space inventory and the land capacity to accommodate future building space development. GG+A also analyzed taxable sales trends for the study area and compared the trends to citywide taxable sales. GG+A identified retail market trends for both North Scottsdale and the Scottsdale Airpark areas and the supply of regional, community, big-box, and free-standing retail space and neighborhood retail space in and near the study area. The potential primary trade area for retail development in the study area was described and a quantitative assessment of the primary trade area demand, both in terms of available dollars and supportable space for the study area was prepared. GG+A compared the relationship between retail demand and supply in the primary trade area for retail uses. GG+A also analyzed the hotel market and hotel room inventory and conducted interviews with managers of major hotels. GG+A evaluated apartment and other residential product market trends, the existing apartment unit inventory in the study area, and supply of future apartment units planned in and near the study area. GG+A forecast the demand for apartments relative to supply.

As part of the research, GG+A completed over 70 interviews with municipal officials and staff, tourism and recreational officials and staff, real estate developers, investors, public and private property owners, real estate brokers, businesses, home owner associations, educational and healthcare institutions.

GG+A identified development scenarios and asset enhancement strategies for City-owned real estate assets. GG+A recommended economic development strategies and land use policies. GG+A helped the City reach consensus of goals and objectives and on a strategic action plan to enhance the study area and implement the asset enhancement of City-owned properties and improve the competitive position of West World, a major equestrian and event facility. GG+A prepared an extensive report that included an executive summary, a matrix of the land use evaluation and identified opportunities, and strategic recommendations as well as a presentation. GG+A met with the Mayor and City Council members of the City of Scottsdale to present the findings and recommend actions and attain consensus for moving forward with the recommended programs and policies.

A copy of the final report can be found on the City of Scottsdale website here.