Client:  Oregon State Fair & Exposition Center

The Oregon State Fair & Exposition Center commissioned GG+A to conduct an exit survey for the 2016 Oregon State Fair. The primary objectives for conducting the exit survey included identifying:

  • The primary geographic area from which Fair attendees are attracted;
  • The demographic characteristics of Fair attendees;
  • The factors motivating Fair attendance;
  • What activities are best liked;
  • Whether Fair attendee feel they obtain good value for their money; and
  • Whether Fair attendees have attended other events at non-Fair times at the Oregon State Expo Center and what other events they would attend if offered.

GG+A designed the survey questionnaire and obtained and supervised an interview staffing firm which conducted interviews at three primary exits for six out of the 11 days that the Fair was held. Over the six days interviews were conducted, a total of 2,075 respondents completed the survey. The survey questionnaire was self-administered unless respondents required assistance with the computer tablets. In addition to the random selection procedure and availability of assistance in completing the survey at three exit gates, from a notice and separate website link on the Fair’s website, attendees were invited to complete the survey through their mobile devices. GG+A set up the survey so that the locations of the exits in which the questionnaires were completed could be identified. GG+A also set up the survey so that respondents which completed the survey through the use of a mobile device were separately tabulated and analyzed.

GG+A analyzed the survey results and prepared a written report which summarized the survey administration, attendee demographics, attendance patterns, attendee motivations and activities preferences, attendee requested improvements and perceived value of the fair-going experience, non-fair attendance patterns and preferences, and recommendations for improvements to the annual state fair.