1. GG+A has implemented energy efficient practices into its business operations including strategies related to energy, waste, water, and air quality.
  2. GG+A and its members have installed LED lighting, switched from natural gas heating appliances to all electric appliances, and are taking other steps to conserve consumption of energy including turning off machines when not in use.
  3. GG+A has shifted to remote work so members of the firm do not have to travel to work and to reduce the carbon footprint by consolidating locations.
  4. GG+A has also shifted to primarily meeting with out-of-town clients via video and telephone conference therefore reducing the need for plane and automobile travel. GG+A members also live near train stations and use transit whenever an option to do so and walk to everyday necessities and services.
  5. GG+A has reduced the amount of waste sent to landfills including reducing copying and printing of documents, increasing use of electronic transfer of documents, and using recycled materials.
  6. GG+A has installed water-saving faucets and toilets to reduce water waste.  GG+A has asked employees to use reusable mugs and water bottles to reduce water waste and the need to recycle plastics. 
  7. GG+A uses environmentally safe cleaning products in its business operations.
  8.  GG+A communicates electronically with both its vendors and clients thereby reducing the creation of greenhouse gases related to travel for in-person meetings and interaction.
  9. GG+A has not applied for or received any environmental or sustainability related independent certifications or recognitions.