“GMX is involved with large-scale shopping center developments and acquisitions throughout the Midwest. We hired Gruen Gruen + Associates to evaluate the impact of one of our proposed 600,000-square-foot regional shopping centers in Chicagoland on the downtown business district serving the same community. We put Gruen under an expedited time frame to put the report together, given the usual project deadlines that we face on these types of projects. Having been in the development business for approximately 20 years, I have worked with numerous consulting groups to put these types of reports and market studies together for our projects. I am pleased to say that Gruen’s report contained the most useful and thorough research and was the most comprehensive undertaking for any consulting report that I have ever seen or commissioned, especially considering the expedited time frame under which we put Gruen to complete the report. I would not hesitate to use Gruen on our next project and strongly recommend that Gruen be put at the top of every developer’s list.”

Andrew Goodman
GMX Real Estate