Client: Town of Queen Creek (AZ)

The Town of Queen Creek retained GG+A to conduct an assessment of the Queen Creek Town Center to provide an information base and strategic framework for the preparation of the Town Center Plan update.

GG+ Inspected the Town Center, reviewed the current Town Center Plan, and conducted extensive interviews with property owners, developers, real estate brokers, office space users, retailers and restaurant operators as well as representatives of the Chamber of Commerce, Town staff and officials. GG+A analyzed retail sales tax data and demographic and income characteristics of market area households, and prepared purchasing power estimates for retail goods and services. GG+A converted estimates of purchasing power or retail demand into estimates of the supportable amount of on-the-ground retail space. GG+A obtained estimates of the supply of retail space and identified the relationship between estimated retail demand and supply. GG+A also evaluated the potential for office and residential uses. GG+A synthesized the results of the primary and secondary research and analysis and field inspections in order to reach conclusions about the potential opportunities and constraints affecting demand for land uses and activities in the Town Center and to identify a broad variety of specific strategic action recommendations to improve the capacity for serving market opportunities and enhancing the Town Center environment.

GG+A prepared a report and also participated in public meetings and workshops to review the strategic implications of the analysis, including “what and how” to program and brand the Town Center and the characteristics to incorporate into the Town Center and target market opportunities. GG+A also provided advice on a real estate and asset enhancement strategy for the use of Town-owned properties.