Client: City of Scottsdale

As strategic input into the preparation of a specific plan for Southern Scottsdale, the City of Scottsdale retained GG+A to evaluate the real estate economics of existing uses and prototypical development and redevelopment alternatives under existing and potential changed or new zoning, subdivision, and other regulations governing the use of land. GG+A evaluated differing scales, types, and mixes of land use development and redevelopment alternatives including multi-family rental and for-sale products, retail, restaurant, office and hotel uses. GG+A’s analysis identified how specific land use policies and regulations influence investment, maintenance and use decisions of property owners and developers. In cases where our findings suggest that the real estate economics currently affecting the area would not support the private, unassisted development of a given type of real estate, our analysis provided a measure of the public investment that would be required to encourage such development. Based on the results of the real estate economic analysis and extensive interviews with a variety of stakeholders and real estate developers, brokers and users, GG+A identified strategies, tactics, and policy actions for reinventing Southern Scottsdale corridors to increase their competitive magnetism and serve demands that sustain private feasible development and enhancements. A GG+A Principal also gave a presentation and participated in panel discussions on the revitalization of Southern Scottsdale at a Summit sponsored by the Mayor of Scottsdale.