Client: City of Garden City (KS)

The City of Garden City engaged Gruen Gruen + Associates (“GG+A”) to evaluate the demographic, retail expenditure, and retail supply conditions affecting the competitive position and performance of Garden City’s retailing base and opportunities for further enhancement. The research and analysis was specifically intended to identify how much additional and what types of retail space, if any, the market is estimated to potentially support. The findings resulting from the analysis provided a framework for drawing conclusions about retail land use policy and strategy the City can employ to enhance the retail base of Garden City.

To complete the research and analysis, GG+A interviewed more than 20 local merchants, retail store managers, local real estate professionals, and City staff and officials; toured and inspected the retail supply of Garden City; reviewed and analyzed the results of a license plate survey conducted at three of the community’s largest retailers; and obtained and analyzed taxable retail sales data by sector. Based on the interviews, field research, and analysis of historical trends, we identified the primary trade area from Garden City’s retailing base currently captures the majority of its sales and competing supply options in the trade area.

GG+A directed the retail market research to estimating the relationship between the potential demand for retail space and the potential supply of space within the primary trade area served by Garden City’s retail base. We identified the relationship between potential retail demand and estimated retail supply to reach judgments about the relative intensity of competition for the sales dollars of consumers within the relevant trade area and the potential for Garden City to support additional regional-serving retail space.

The information and insights gained from the market reconnaissance were used to identify a retail enhancement strategy for Garden City, designed to improve shopping opportunities in the community and increase the magnetism and draw of Garden City as a regional retail destination within southwest Kansas. In addition to a tenanting marketing strategy and strategies related to enhancing the strength of its highway-oriented retail agglomeration, GG+A recommended strategies and policies to improve linkages and spillover between the historic downtown and big-box shopping districts in Garden City.