Client:  Village of Glen Ellyn (IL)

GG+A was retained to conduct an analysis of the market for retail, office, and residential uses in Downtown Glen Ellyn. In addition to evaluating potential market demands for varying types of space, GG+A also identified strategic actions that will facilitate the enhancement of Downtown Glen Ellyn.

GG+A analyzed retail sales trends and changes in retail activities and through site inspections, interviews and secondary data analysis identified the factors that encourage demand and the factors that discourage demand in Downtown Glen Ellyn. Based on a merchant survey and interviews, GG+A defined the primary market area for retail space. GG+A estimated the present and future retail demand from households in the primary market area, in both available dollars and supportable space. GG+A estimated the supply of existing and future retail space and evaluated the relationship between estimated retail demand and retail supply. GG+A also assessed office space market conditions, the characteristics of successful office space locations, Glen Ellyn’s position in the office market, office space demand trends, and the type of office space demand obtainable in the Downtown. Based on interviews and review of the make-up of supply, GG+A identified the relevant primary geographic market within which new housing developments compete for households, the types of households likely to be attracted to housing uses built in the Downtown, the primary geographic area from which households are likely to be attracted to Downtown housing, the relative advantages and disadvantages and image of the Downtown as a housing location, and characteristics of new or proposed Downtown housing developments. GG+A estimated the demand for housing and the share of demand obtainable in the Downtown.

GG+A recommended priority actions and policies related to organizational capacity, the development review process, collaborating with the local community college on a variety of programs and activities for which GG+A garnered the college’s support, physical enhancements, parking improvements, way-faring and signage, events program, and tenanting and marketing strategy.

GG+A principals gave multiple presentations to various public entities and groups and helped lead a charette. GG+A prepared a report that served as the information base and strategic framework for the preparation of the Master Plan for Downtown Glen Ellyn.